• First, collect an application form from the competent authority in your country which is designated for that purpose;
  • Fill out and send these application forms back to the competent authority who forwards the applications to a Committee responsible for the ETLS known as the National Approvals Committee;
  • Wait for the applications to be reviewed by the National Approvals Committee;
  • The list of approved and disapproved enterprises is submitted to the ECOWAS Commission for validation and notification to all ECOWAS Member States;
  • The competent authority informs you when an ETLS Certificate of Origin is ready to be collected after approvals have been made and the Commission has notified all other Member States. The Certificate of Origin is valid for six (6) months commencing from the date of its issuance. However, it is valid for one product only;
  • You can export your goods to any of the ECOWAS Member States duty free using your Certificate of Origin. Please ensure to have your certificate in hand before attempting to export.                                                                                                                                                                  Please,  kindly click on the link below for more information       http://etls.ecowas.int/approval-procedures/

The Scheme has undergone a series of transformation in respect of the categories of goods that are covered.